Dark October game.

Dark October Game by Bun Bun Studios

Currently under slow development…

Dark October will be a single player third person action role-playing PC game in 3D with a touch of mystery. See here for Dark October official game project website.

Wanna support Dark October? Check out our Dark October store! All profits goes to the development of Dark October.

Dark October Merchandise Store
Modular and extensible Unity 3D game packages.

Unity 3D Packages by Bun Bun Studios

Coming back soon…

Bun Bun Studios will be reopening our online store for Unity packages. Mix and match them as assets in your future Unity game!

We’ll have tools we’ve built for the development of Dark October on top of our range of modular and extensible Unity packages!

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Custom code development using C/C++/C#, python, or web technologies.

Custom Code Development

Got manual and laborious tasks to complete like a robot and nothing on the Internet can save you?

We also offer custom programming services tailored to your needs built from C/C++/C# or python on Windows or Linux. Let us build machines to do them for you, giving you more time to yourself without compromising results.

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