Unity 3D packages.

Unity 3D Packages by Bun Bun Studios

Bun Bun Studios Code Store is coming back with what we had, and more! Unlike the last time, this time our code store will be built using our own online store system to bolster security and minimise downtimes.

Bun Bun Code Store

Offering custom made to ready made Unity 3D packages.

What's different about Bun Bun's Unity Packages?

We design our Unity packages to be modular and extensible. Build your own game system with one or more of our flexible Unity packages written in C#.

Unity 3D packages from Bun Bun Studios are modular.


Our Unity packages covers from simple to advanced game mechanisms by taking modularity in design. To achieve this, all of our assets are built to size so that one unit is equivalent to one meter, and all of our code are built to be independent and interchangeable modules. Simply pick the Unity packages with the features you need for your next big project, and they will fit together like clockwork.

Unity 3D packages from Bun Bun Studios are extensible.


To take future requirements into consideration, we design our Unity packages to be highly extensible. Use our Unity packages as a foundation to build more complex game mechanisms. All source code is included in every Unity package, with clean and modular C# classes and methods that are fully commented and documented. Simply change or swap our modules or assets to fit your purpose.

Bun Bun Studios offers custom Unity 3D packages made to order.

Made to Order

If you didn’t find what you’re looking for or want us to do it for you, we would be happy to build your custom Unity packages or develop your project to suit your requirements.

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